is this really love ?

it’s getting to the point were I can’t hide my feelings towards him.. is this really love or just something that has to happen. I mean we have gone out before but this time seems very different he changed a lot.  he brings trouble to me but he claims that if I leave him, he will go back to the way he is now he says he is doing his best to change the way he is. I like the way he fights to keep “us” together but at the same time I don’t know if its right. goodnight ill blog the rest tomorrow ..

Not part of this family 

It just somethines gets me so mad how a person thinks they can tell you stuff only because they are older than you they dont even ask how you feel all they do is talk bs and behind your back pretending you cannot hear them! How  fake is that? They say they have jesus in there heart and all they do is talk & judge other people we are all humans  we all make mistakes! But i guess they dont relize that because as soon as one of there actuall children do something they “dont notice ” they only notice your flaws how is that possible! I guess i will understand when ever i have my own children :/  

I hate  it because my gradma well she isnt even my gradma makes me feel lower than anything but im not going to let her know how i feel because that will make her even more happier just because im not her blood i sometimes wonder how different my life would of been if i lived with both parents mom and dad ..


Things we should think about 

  I have always though about life as in if i die today there is no tommorow and nobody cries for you. But i guess i think of life a little bit different know. You see when u were born nobody knew what you would look like the trouble you would have to go through at school nor your problems at home when your inside your mommy’s tummy i dont know what you felt because i dont think nobody remeber’s but why is that? We just come out that belly & discover new things are eyes have never seen before